svgconv: SVG to OpenVG path converter

About svgconv

svgconv is a content tool to convert SVG paths into a C format that can be easily used with OpenVG. The tool converts SVG graphics into an #include file containing C data statements that can be directly rendered with OpenVG.

Embedding the 2D content into the application binary removes the need to load external files from the application -- this is especially useful on embedded platforms without a file system.

svgconv works on both Unix and Windows platforms. It is written in Objective Caml and therefore the O'Caml compiler is required to build the software.

The software has been written by Janne Hellsten. E-mail to if you want to contact the author.


This software is licensed under the very permissive BSD license.


User manual


See the homepage for source code releases. You can also download the source code from the svgconv Subversion repository.


svgconv is written in Objective Caml and therefore requires the O'Caml compiler and a couple of support libraries. Here's a list of links for software downloads: O'Caml 3.09, ExtLib 1.4 and XML Light 2.2. The build process also requires the OMake build system.

The easiest way to install these is to use GODI package manager. It also works with Cygwin.


$ tar zxf svgconv-a.b.c.tar.gz
$ cd svgconv-a.b.c
$ omake Logo